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Be the Queen Bitch of royal icing

September 27, 2012

Royal icing is a pretty basic recipe that can get jazzed up with different flavorings and emulsions. Wilton has a good, sturdy royal icing recipe that has yet to give me any grief. Just remember to keep all of your tools grease-free and stay away from flavored oils to ensure your icing doesn’t separate. If you want a shinier finish to your icing, you can add 1-2 TB of corn syrup during mixing or use a table fan to dry your icing.

Choosing a type of food coloring is really about preference. Martha Stewart gives an overview on choices in food coloring. I prefer the gel-paste coloring for its vibrant colors and it’s really easy to determine how much you’ve used. Some decorating books tell you to use your colored icing the day it’s made. Lies….all lies. Well, not entirely, I really think for your color to mature and be the boldest it can be, the icing does need to rest for at least a day. If you experience some separating, no worries! Just stir it until it looks uniform. Sweet Sugarbelle has a great color chart for those who have repressed memory of the color chart mixings from grade school.


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