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Nutters for cutters

October 3, 2012

See? Cookies get me all excited and I start jumping around mindlessly, topic to topic. I really should have covered cookie cutters a few posts ago, but my mind was buzzing from all the sugar.

Choosing a cutter
I prefer metal cutters over plastic. The primary reason for this is because I’m lazy. I picked up a great tip that speeds up the cleaning process post-baking. By the time I’m done baking, I’m fantasizing about someone patenting a robot to clean my kitchen. Then I start thinking about a Bender-esque robot drinking all my beer and not cleaning my kitchen and just decide to clean it myself. You should always hand wash your cookie cutters. Never put them in the dishwasher. Making sure your cutters are dry is crucial as well, because if there is any residual water on them, you metal cutter is likely to rust. While your oven is off, yet still warm from baking, place your cleaned, wet cutters on a cookie sheet and place it in the oven for a few minutes to dry. Another reason that I like metal is if I don’t like the shape, I can change it with slight pressure on its sides. It’s a great way to customize a cutter.

Where to buy
Living in this age of wonderful tech makes me one lazy ass person (I’ve already said I was lazy – see above. If I was more motivated, I might have visited to look for a different word. But, you know, see above). I love the fact I can just order anything I want and it’s shipped to my door. But, I actually enjoy searching for cookie cutters. Along with being lazy, I’m also cheap. So, below are some of my favorite sites and favorite ways to acquire my cutters. Happy hunting!

  • Second-hand shops like Goodwill
  • Garage sales and estate sales
  • Slowly stealing my mother’s cutters (I just feed the end result to her and she’s none the wiser)
  • eBay– I’ve been audibly moaning each time I find Martha Stewart copper cutters online, cursing myself for not buying them years ago-they’re pretty expensive now. This is also a great place to find bulk random cutters too.
  • The Cookie Cutter Company. Most of them are $1. ‘Nuff said
  • Karen’s Cookies
  • Hobby Lobby with their 40% off one item coupon
  • Make your own damn cookie cutter!

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