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Cull a cruller

October 8, 2012

Such a tongue twister, eh? I wanted it to be, since this post features my favorite twisty pastry – the cruller. After perusing Foodgawker, (as I usually do for countless hours until I get my digital nourishment, so to speak) I found a simple recipe for this tasty confection. This cruller recipe from Lauren’s Latest combines some of my favorite things: fat and sugar. The best part of this recipe, besides the fat and sugar of course, is– You can use your pastry bag talents to make them! All you need is your 1M tip and a large pastry bag. If you decide to double the recipe, ’cause I mean, come on, you could have some people over, I would go ahead and do it in a 16″ pastry bag. The larger the better here, since the opening in the bag will be larger and easier to fill.

The recipe calls for a simple confectioner sugar-based glaze that is rounded out with some vanilla and lemon. Since we are getting into fall territory, I think that it would be a great time to mix it up on the glaze flavorings. Like a maple-cinnamon donut glaze or a creamy pumpkin glaze. You could even go unorthodox and slather on some satiny chocolate glaze. Those cruller purists won’t be too upset, just show them the other batch you made. Because you were smart and doubled the batch.


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