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Repurposing for usage and storage

October 11, 2012

I love to recycle. I feel like my constant Amazon orders are justified if I can find a way to use the box my shipment comes in. Even if it just becomes a box for my cat to hide in. I think that many products that are produced for specialized usage are a waste of money. Since I’m constantly buying things, I’m slowly running out of storage for anything new. So, finding something around the house that I can use in the kitchen is a definite “W” in my book.

Small toolbox to keep couplers, tips and pastry bags in. Have you seen how much the Wilton storage containers cost? It’s absolutely insane to pay 50 bucks for something that you can buy for less than half that -or- find in your home and clean it up for this use. I actually use a cross-stitch thread container for my tips and couplers. My grandmother was an avid cross stitcher and I am not, so I think that she would be proud that I’m using her containers. The bottom of the toolbox can hold all the pastry bags while the top section keeps tips and couplers grouped together. Since toolboxes have that nice feature that locks the lid, transporting your tools couldn’t be any frakking easier.

Using a popsicle freezer as a pastry bag holder. When I set up for decorating, I usually have a ton of drinking glasses full of piping bags. Wilton (I guess I have some pent-up anger towards them today) make a bag holder that is close to 20 dollars. Sweet Sugarbelle (someone I could never have pent-up anger towards) features a great way to use a popsicle freezer instead. She’s a genius, considering if you check the dollar sections at most supermarkets you can find these.

Coffee filters to decorate with sanding sugar. Tip: this re-purposing needs to happen before you make coffee with the filter. Along with a compulsion of buying everything on Amazon, I can be a total spaz in the kitchen. Sometimes I don’t like to use oven mitts. Then my burnt fingers remind me to use those instead of a kitchen towel. I spill things, break things, and splatter things. I almost sound like a non-functioning entity, but trust me, I get by. Someone could mistake the mess I make with a toddler’s. Now I use coffee filters (and it’s just frosting that’s everywhere). But it’s better, so trust me on this too. Just place your cookie in the center of the filter and sprinkle the sugar over the cookie. The filter holds all the sugar in and keeps it off the table.

Using stamps to decorate cookies. If your hand starts to cramp from piping outlines for three hours straight, this is a great way to add embellishment to your cookies without doing anything after they come out of the oven. You can use these for ornaments/decorations or for cookies. Just make sure that there isn’t residual ink on the stamps.


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