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Nerding it up with the pressure cooker

October 17, 2012

I feel that knowing the ins and outs of something that seems scary as hell really helps. Many times when trying out a new recipe, you research it. You find out what works, why it does, and the techniques that work best. A tool in the kitchen like this can be applied in the same way. The more you know, the better you feel. And the better you feel, the less you drink. The less you drink, the happier everyone else is. Because face it, you’re a mean drunk. If you’re like me, these formulas will get you all hot and bothered. Check them out and decide for yourself after you read the science of pressure cookers. If you’re not like me … well, at least you learned something.

It has a ton of information on the history, gas laws, and the benefits of using a pressure cooker. There are some disadvantages listed too, but after reading the great benefits that precede them, I didn’t pay too much attention. ‘Cause they don’t matter. If I can make tough cut of meat tender, create a flavorful sauce from the reduction and keep all the nutrients within the finished dish, I am sold.

Now just how many nutrients are we talking? My healthy friends, the ones who don’t smother their veggies in cheese (ahem … guilty), swear by steaming. I can’t wait to talk my friends into a pressure cooker! At Hip Pressure Cooking, the questions are answered on the true vitamin retention from pressure cooking. After following this link, I have a feeling you will fall in love. She has a ton of information and some great sounding recipes I can’t wait to try.


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