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Hands-free, anger-free risotto

October 24, 2012

Am I the only one that gets pissed off at risotto? I’m sure that I’m not, hence the rhetorical question. The thing about risotto is that it is high maintenance. And the only thing allowed in my kitchen to be high maintenance is me. The constant stirring, adding of stock, and watching over is annoying. And time consuming.

You mean I can make risotto in the pressure cooker? I think I hear trumpets sounding at this revelation. Hip pressure cooking does it for me again with her seven minute risotto recipe. Yeah, I said it. Seven minutes. She lists a great ratio to remember when making: 1 cup of Arborio rice to 2 cups of stock.

Here are some tips to make your risotto awe-inspiring

  • Toast your rice. This adds a great flavor to the finished product.
  • Chop your onion finely so it doesn’t conflict with the texture of the rice.
  • If you don’t want to use Arborio, Carnaroli or Vialone Nano are great varieties to keep in mind too.
  • Sauté up some vegetables and fold them in at the end of the cooking process to make a more fulfilling risotto.
  • Add some heavy cream or a tablespoon of butter at the end (hell, add some cheese too) to complement the creaminess of the awesome risotto you just made.

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  1. I truly enjoy your writing! It is full of emotion and I can hear your voice through the words. Just an idea for this post; photos! Maybe you could have done the risotto in your brand new pressure cooker!! I know it’s a scary gadget and trust me I do not have one but I feel that your page needs some people or faces or just photos in general. Either way I do enjoy reading your posts, teach me how to have emotion in my writing!

    • Thanks Mavis! And I totally agree with you on the pictures, it has been my Achilles’ heel on this blog. I prefer taking pictures with a natural light background, and that has been difficult to achieve when making food at two in the morning :) Just think about how you would say it to someone else, and emphasize where needed. That, and drink a gallon of caffeine before you post.

  2. Any nutritious cooking under 10mins and I am sold! I always feel like I’m racing against the clock, especially at meal times. Apart from Fried rice I’m not a big fan, but I do love risotto as it has a lot more flavor than bland boiled rice and can taste really good. As you say it’s usually really annoying with all the stirring etc but now I can try this recipe out and not be ‘pissed off’ anymore!

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