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Score one for simple stock storage

October 24, 2012

Yes, I have already posted about stock. But I love it, and it’s so important in the kitchen. And, this is really about storing the stock – ’cause with all the time you have saved doing it in the pressure cooker, you’ve been making tons of it. Right? I find excuses to make recipes with homemade stock. Not that I really have to make an excuse, but it’s always good to have a reason when someone asks you, “What are you always doing in the kitchen?”

Cooking. Duh.

I get that question asked all the time, especially since a really good friend and I have a running joke about it. Every time she calls me, I’m making something. We both laugh it off, but I feel that deep down, it could be a sickness. The problem is whenever I feel off (emotionally, physically, weight change, weather change, season change, etc.) I go to the kitchen and make something. It’s a vicious cycle. But a tasty one!

Okay … back to the awesomeness of stock. These tricks for stock storage come from America’s Test Kitchen, and they are some good ones. Many times you see techniques being employed with an ice cube tray. It makes sense, since they’re generally on hand in every household. When you think about it though, who in the hell needs like two tablespoons of stock? I do use one for any leftover wine I have that I can’t consume. It’s a good idea to measure how much liquid your tray will hold, that way you can add the frozen wine directly to your pan without waiting for it to thaw. I sometimes throw some in my wineglass (if I am drinking the same stuff) to chill it up.

ATK employs a muffin tin for their freezing process, which is much more sensible. I also found these tips for soup and stew storage that can be interchangeably with the ones above. I’m chock-full of tips today.

Now shove off, and use these tips for a stock or any stew, soupy goodness you concoct.


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