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Plan ahead and brine those beans

October 25, 2012

Some pressure cooking sites say that the intense pressure upon the beans coupled with the liquid in the cooker removes the need to brine. Before I started pressure cooking, I soaked my beans overnight. I still soak my beans. I’m kind of stubborn, so I doubt I will change. Some of it may be due to the fact that I’m scared as hell the beans won’t turn out otherwise. And that time that I decide to skimp on the step, I’ll have people over to impress and woo with my cooking. What if they don’t turn out? I don’t feel like crying myself to sleep, so I plan ahead.

If you’re lost on the concept of brining beans and the importance of it, check out the video above from America’s Test Kitchen. Plus, there are a ton of different beans out there with many different names. I usually hate the gallery-style, every-time-I-click-“next”-it-has-to-load-a-new-page crap, but this is a great visual bean description gallery.

Miss Vickie has a bean cooking tutorial on her site that is a great basic, step-by-step tutorial that isn’t convoluted and doesn’t make me scream in frustration. I like the idea of having a hearty stew or chili in the coming chilly weather out of my kitchen in less than an hour. Just be sure to brine your beans so you don’t give yourself a headache.


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