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Shun the slow cooker when braising

October 29, 2012

I don’t like slow cookers. It may be due to the fact that I am extremely impatient, and any device that has the word “slow” in it to describe its cooking capabilities makes me wanna throw my hands up in disgust. Even more, it is difficult to find an even-heating one. The one that I currently own likes to heat things up in similar to molten lava. Conclusion: I don’t like them. I don’t like using them. End rant.

I do like the idea of a slow cooker. You free up your stove, enabling you to cook sides or roast veggies, and you get a great low, slow braise on your meat. That otherwise tough meat can give you a great end result in the slow cooker. But guess what? You can get the same result from our best bud, the pressure cooker. It will turn your tough meat into a veritable bad ass (a moist one).

When deciding on a general recipe, my usual place to check first is allrecipes. Yeah, I hear ya groaning out there. It’s like comparing a Duncan Hines cake box mix to a Rose Beranbaum cake. It’s not fair. It’s not foodie. But, I like to make up my own recipes and this is a good place to start. With so many recipe-based sites and blogs out there, you can easily avoid this site if you want.

I had a point to all this. Oh yeah, recipes. There’s a pressure cooker pot roast recipe on there that I have been wanting to tear apart and make my own. But it’s pretty good as is, and I like to read the comments and steal other people ideas. Remember, lazy.

If you’re worried about using vegetables in the cooker because you would like to have some variation in texture, no problemo. Leave them out. I really enjoy a roasted vegetable with my pot roast, especially seasonal veggies. Mine usually consists  of onions, garlic, carrots, fennel (leave ’em out if you don’t like them) and a potato if I decide against a mashed potato. Hint: I never decide against a mashed potato. Especially since mashed potatoes and gravy are, like totally, BFFs. My favorite mashed potato recipe has a ton of great ingredients in it (mainly fat), can be made ahead of time, and warms up beautifully.

Since you’re all secretly shunning allrecipes, here are some of my favorite sites for either food porn or recipes. They are worth the look, and this kind of porn won’t get you in trouble at work. Unless your drool shorts out you keyboard. Wear a bib. Or, lay down a drop cloth.


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