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Adapt fave recipes to the pressure cooker

October 30, 2012

I’m a little protective of my favorite recipes. Some of my recipes aren’t solely “pressure cooker” recipes. I find Coq au Vin recipes for the pressure cooker, but they’re not like my recipe. I like my recipe, and I compare a new recipe to a long, white windowless van, I don’t trust them.

If there was only a way to convert my trusted recipes to pressure cooker perfection … wait, there is? Duh, Jes. Remember that thing, the Internet? After doing some digging, it seems that I’m not the only foodie out there that has wondered the same thing. I’ve settled on Miss Vickie’s interpretation of converting recipes ’cause I trust her judgment. Before converting, Miss Vickie has some guidelines she wants us to follow. Check them out, little sheep.

A little tip she shares is to limit the recipe’s liquid amount to 1/4 cup. If you’re using a recipe that has a large sauce component that you can’t live without, try making it on the stovetop while you prep your meal for the pressure cooker. I’m an addict to all things saucy, so I feel your plight.

Experience in the realm of cooking can never be considered a bad thing. If a friend calls you a “kitchen slut,” take it as a compliment. I’m a little offended that my friends have never called me that. So go forth and conquer your favorite recipes in record time, ya promiscuous prepper of meals.


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