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Caring for and accessorizing the pressure cooker

November 1, 2012

Like a high maintenance girlfriend that dates you for your “personality,” the pressure cooker needs your attention and care. The difference between the two is the steps caring for your cooker won’t break the bank.

I enjoy turning my tools of trade into multi-taskers. I have a ton of different pots and pans with lids, so finding a regular lid to fit my pressure cooker was pretty easy. With a regular lid, you can steam, saute, boil and braise in your pressure cooker – sans pressure. My favorite steamer basket is cheap and makes steaming potatoes for mashing waaay easy.

Super smart gal Laura from hip pressure cooking has an accessory list she breaks down for your precious pressure cooker that may include things you already have in your kitchen. See? Turning your pressure cooker into a multi-tasker with multi-taskers in the kitchen. Her list for canning supplies is lacking my all-time favorite canning jars. They’re kind of expensive to be giving out to the neighbors (especially when you never get them back), so I usually keep these beauties to myself and hand out my Ball jars. If you have a Container Store near you (lucky bastard), they have some French hermetic jars that are fantastic as well.

I have stainless steel pans that get discolored on the bottom pretty regularly. You should always hand wash your pans to ensure a long life. End “Mom” rant. But, really, it does help keep them staying great longer. Try using some Bar Keeper’s Friend on them to make them look spankin’ new and remove that discoloration.


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