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Cheesecake in the pressure cooker

November 5, 2012

After perusing lists last week for all the great gadgets that can accompany our beloved pressure cooker, I found one I didn’t think I would see: a springform pan.

My (obvious, inner fat kid) response is “Cheesecake … in the pressure cooker?”

Cheesecake is one of my all-time favorite desserts. Almost every chef has their own take/spin on it, so there are tons of variations in flavors and even techniques out there to sedate the inner fat kid in a creamy, glorious sugar-induced coma. That’s where my fat kid likes to be. She’s quiet and content.

However, the pressure cooker technique is foreign to me. I’d never thought of doing  a custard-based dessert in something I usually apply to make beans and rice or stock. When I realized my mistake of shortsightedness to my loyal pressure cooker (sorry, buddy), I started searching. There are a ton of recipes out there, even videos for this magnificent merriment of flavor.

Lorna Sass is always a great place to start for beginner pressure cookers. Her recipe for lemon cheesecake is delicious and really easy to make.

I love videos. It’s great to watch what I need to do before I do it. Sometimes I do weird things in the kitchen that usually work out, but they aren’t the methods intended in the recipe. I don’t like to take chances with the pressure cooker, so this is a great way to perfect it.

This one is great considering it’s fall and pumpkin is something I crave as soon as the first leaf hits my lawn. You may be put off by the top of that cheesecake- it’s pretty ugly. But remember, you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve that can cover your ass in a second. If you get cracks in your cheesecake, just pipe on (with a star tip if ya wanna get fancy) or spread some cinnamon whipped cream on that bad boy. Caramel is a great addition to anything pumpkin. I have a soft spot for salted vanilla bean caramel. It’s great on ice cream and other flavors of cheesecake. I usually eat it at three in the morning with a giant spoon. It’s too early in the morning for those calories to count toward your daily intake.


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