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Alcoholic synonymous: make your own Kahlua

November 8, 2012

Holidays equal family time. Which means you have to spend time with the family. This causes me to drink. Not excessively, just enough to dull the dull relatives. I find that making your own alcohol is a great way to save money and adapt it to your taste. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a Kahlua recipe. Oh, Kahlua, I love you. Mainly because I can load you full of vodka to balance the sweetness (or whatever excuse you want to use for this “technique”) and drink you on the rocks. Some recipes use Everclear. I don’t touch the stuff and prefer a mid-level vodka since I can do a ton of things with it. Also, it’s an excuse to buy a 1.75L – you save money that way. On the subject of containers, this recipe will make you an entire 1.75L. Trust me, it doesn’t last long.

Coffee and chocolate are soul mates. They compliment one another. Coffee in a chocolate dessert intensifies the chocolate taste. It works the other way around too. The first batch I made, I used chocolate-flavored coffee with great results.

My second batch … well … I had to improvise.

I was out of chocolate coffee. The problem with using something as an ingredient that tastes good on its own is that it’s hard to keep in stock at the house. Another problem: I was out of brown sugar. I replaced the coffee with some Peaberry Kona coffee a friend got me on a recent trip to Hawaii. What was I to replace the brown sugar with? I wanted that caramely taste, damn it. And I wasn’t going to settle.

Homemade brown sugar. So frakking easy and looks so much better than store bought. I’m honestly never buying it from the store again, it’s that good.

See? These smart people from the Twitterverse agree with me. It’s that good.

My friends are enjoying the idea of being my constant test subjects, especially since I’ve been making liqueurs. I’m just happy I don’t have to drink alone.


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