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Channel your inner ‘Dude’: White Russians and homemade Baileys

November 8, 2012

After realizing I could make my own Kahlua, I thought of Baileys. If I could make the two liqueurs that are in a White Russian, I could save a ton of money and make them how I like them … strong. It’s interesting to think that these two liqueurs are much more expensive than the alcohol you make them with. Actually, it’s not interesting, it’s kind of stupid. But, now that we know we can make them, it’s stupid in a good way. Stupid easy.

Homemade Baileys is just as easy as making your own Kahlua. But it does involve a certain alcohol that I do not keep in large quantities in my house: Jameson. Unless you plan on blacking out on some Irish car bombs, I advise you to buy a bottle that will be big enough for the recipe.

Around the holidays, I like to try new drinks. My family doesn’t really drink, and when I drink, it’s usually just two or three. So, I can essentially pick any drink that would be a bad idea if drank excessively (White Russian, Bloody Mary, etc.) and make them. And have them all to myself too. This year, I want to make White Russians, and have the ability to slightly tweak them if I want. A really great friend of mine is a bartender (score!) and she’s always telling me about new drinks. Mainly because I’m constantly asking her “Wow, that’s really good. What’s in it?” and then getting into note-taking mode. She told me about a recent spin on the White Russian involving the cookie dough vodka. Umm … sold.  Just use your favorite White Russian recipe  and replace the vodka with the cookie dough vodka. Maybe I will drink more than three this year …

So enjoy that White Russian, just don’t spill it on the rug. You know, the one that really ties the room together.


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