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To brine or not brine the turkey? Totally up to you

November 14, 2012

The technique that I use to cook my turkey always delivers a juicy one, so I’ve never felt compelled to brine. This year’s turkey is a genetically enhanced mutant, over 20 lbs, and that scares me a little. He’s not actually enhanced as I got him from a farm 150 miles north of me, but I like to think he’s a farm-raised anomaly. Since he’s so big, I’m kind of scared of him drying out so this year I’m brining. Here are a few recipes that include a brine to get your juices flowing (to ensure your turkey’s juices flow too):

If you can’t decide what to do and you’re basically freaking out, you have to watch the video below. It’s absolutely hilarious and completely true. And it keeps you from falling to the floor and crying in a fetal position.

I know that my turkey will be absolutely delicious because I’m taking her advice and getting absolutely lit. It is the holidays after all. If you plan on doing the same, be sure to pick up your provisions the day before as many liquor stores (at least the ones in my state) are closed for the holidays. If you’re stuck on deciding what to drink and wanna get a little festive, here are some recipes I found on reddit that look pretty damn tasty. As for me, I’ll stick to my Makers Mark and Coke this year. And wine. And maybe some hard cider. Cheers!

  • Hard Cider. Yeah, it takes a while so if you’re wanting some in a pinch, Huffington Post made a slide show of their favorite hard ciders. Glad they start with their number one as I hate those damn slide shows.
  • Turkey trot and pumpkin pie shot recipe. The first drink makes enough for a crowd and the pumpkin pie shot features two alcohols that you can make at home. Try replacing the cinnamon schnapps with Fireball whiskey. Awesome.

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