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Cranberry King: Using leftover cranberry sauce

November 27, 2012

Whew … did everyone else just wake up from food-induced coma, or was it just me? Yeah, I thought so. After wearing stretchy pants for the last six days, I feel it’s time to come back to the real world … and to real clothing I guess. Along with purging myself of pie, I need to clean out my fridge and rid it of all the leftovers. My problem (and my waistline’s problem) is there aren’t many leftovers to be had here at the homestead. One thing I have a bounty of is my delicious cranberry sauce.

Cranberry sauce is highly underrated in my opinion. It’s tart, sweet, fruity, and juicy and it goes great with turkey, cheese, ice cream, pound cake, etc. etc. It’s so much more than the gelatinized abomination that people have been slopping out of a can and plopping onto a plate for years. “Oh, you want some cranberry sauce. Here’s a knife dearie.” Uh, no thanks.

  • Cranberry brownies. This makes it healthier since cranberry is a fruit, right? Most of the time, I wouldn’t sully such a staple in my diet with a fruit, but this recipe intrigues me. I. must. have. brownie. But please, don’t use a box brownie mix. If you do, don’t tell me.
  • Deep fried brie with cranberry chutney. Just ’cause there’s a recipe for chutney, doesn’t mean that you can’t use your cranberry sauce. Just slap it on the stove and thicken it up.
  • Dirty chai pancakes with cranberry and vanilla compote. You had me at dirty. And chai. She uses a homemade chai concentrate, but you could use a liquid concentrate from the store in a pinch. Cook down your cranberry sauce and throw a little maple syrup in there. Then throw ’em down the hatch.
  • Cranberry white chocolate tarts. Okay. I was going to start finding some savory recipes, but I found this and I had to add this one. White chocolate and cranberry getting married and having delicious little babies. That’s what these are. You can make little tartlets or one regular sized one. Either way, you’re going to O.D. on them.
  • Turkey sandwich with whatever fixings you like. I found this bread that needs to be made in your kitchen. It contains all the ingredients that make stuffing awesome, and it’s called, surprise, surprise, thanksgiving stuffing loaf. This is much easier than smashing stuffing together trying to do makeshift bread slices.

I hope these recipes showcase the wonderful cranberry to you in a new light. A positive light. A tasty light. I think I may have put up the stretchy pants too soon.

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  1. I don’t care much for cranberries however the cranberry tart sounds delicious! And as of this and last year I am a somewhat fan of stuffing so I might have to keep the stuffing loaf recipe but here’s the only problem…my family never has leftover stuffing!

    • That’s the beauty of this recipe, you don’t have to have any leftover stuffing to make the loaf! The loaf is kind of a homage to your stuffing, no hidey-hole required. However, I highly recommend finding a place to stash foodstuff from family members. I’m pretty squirrel-like here. I had to hide some ginger snaps last week for a pumpkin cheesecake.

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