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On the search for second-hand cookbooks

December 6, 2012

When it comes to books, I am a hoarder. I have 4 of those floor to ceiling bookcases, each stacked in such a way to be conducive for storage, and not for perusing and choosing. There are books underneath my bed, next to my bed, in my bed, in my living room, and some scattered downstairs. I usually have a book in my purse and backpack in case work/professor/friends bore the hell out of me and I need an escape. I like books. I also like money, and the two don’t exactly coincide in amounts.

I figure that the pasta section is a good time to talk about my favorite places online to buy second-hand books. Visuals really help when following directions to roll, cut and fill pasta. It’s nice to have a reference book on hand at three in the morning when “the hunger” sets in. Each of these sites have a pretty good selection and they either have a $25 minimum purchase for free shipping or free shipping outright. Here, just take all my money.

Garage sales, estate sales, local used bookstores and the Goodwill are great places to unearth some finds too. I get more satisfaction from buying in person if I get to dig and search for books. The problem that I continually have is that I never have a “must have” list with me when I shop. Don’t be like me – make a list you can carry with you during your excursions. Happy hunting!


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